Friday, 5 November 2100

How to setup BSNL Broadband connection for nokia siemens network

                                     Have you bought a new BSNL broadband connection?
Are you worried, how to setup your BSNL broadband connection first time?
Then you are most welcome.....!!

I have written this after buying my nokia-siemens network type of BSNL-BROADBAND connection, but it will work for others also.

First of all, what you have to do is to connect your telephone line to the modem and wait for about a minute or so that the ADSL LED (green light) on the modem gets steady means constant lighting.

Now connect your computer/laptop to your modem

You will see a similar screen asking


You will see your window like this and when you click on ADSL and then
device information, it will show you

Click on DSL Status and it will show your status like this

When you will click on wan (wide area network),
Edit your setting like the screenshot/picture below:

 Now click on Lan(local area connection)
And then enable DHCP Server and then start ip address and end ip address and leased time as shown in the picture below:

Now you can change your password, by clicking on password and can change it:

Now for DSL setting:

If you don’t understand parameter setting, keep the default setting or do as the picture below:

You are almost done. Now click on save/reboot button:
In the case you have done something wrong, you have option of setting everything as factory default.

Now you are done with the ADSL
Your next task is to see for wireless setting of BSNL Broadband connection.
Click on wireless and then on basic button as shown in the screenshot below:

Enable wireless and change number of maximum user ac to your wish, if you set it to 4, only four clients will be connected and 5th one will not be able to connect to your network:
Click on security and here you can change your security key and type of network authorisation.

When you will click on MAC Filter you have options as shown in figure:

When you click on advanced button, you will have various options
A better option is like this:

Lastly, if you click on station info, you will see as the screenshot, refresh it for current status.

You have completed  your setup of BSNL Broadband connection.
Now open your browser and enjoy surfing.

Friday, 25 April 2014

3G Data Tariff of BSNL as on April 2014

BSNL, which has network around 1700 towns and cities has offered Rs. 125/GB for postpaid & Rs. 139/GB for prepaid connection where as
data charges beyond free limits are 1paise per
10KB for postpaid customers in terms of private
operators its 10 paisa per 10 KB . BSNL also
Provides free data in roaming pan india. It is still growing its network and covers more cities and town than any private network operators.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How to pay bill online of all BSNL Landline, Cellone, CDMA, WiMax, FTTH and DID bills

 Are you a new customer of BSNL???
you want to pay bill online and dont want to go their office to pay bill, then you are at right place. 
You can pay postpaid payment in very simple steps namely, Register, Add a Phone Account and View & Pay Bills Online, which are described below:

  1.  Register Login: provide some personal information such as your name, contact address and email. The information furnished will be kept confidential                                                                     
  2.  Add Phone Account: After you successfully register, you can add the phone account, for which you want to view and pay the outstanding bills online. First, select a circle. For example, if your phone falls in the 'AP' circle, you need to select 'Andhra Pradesh' from the DropDownBox. Then you can add an account by giving your Account Number and the Phone Number. Thus, you can add multiple phone accounts to your login. Also, you will have an option of deleting them if the need arises.                                                                                                       .
  3. View & Pay Bills online:The outstanding bills for the phone account(s) added, are made available to view and pay online. On successful completion of payment of a bill in the Internet Banking System (or) through Credit Card,  the user is re-directed to Portal to view the 'Digital Receipt' for Bill paid.                                                                                                                              

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Miss Call Alert in BSNL

 Some times we need to activate Miss call alert, in other case we also need to deactivate it. please note that miss call alert is free for all customers. it can be done in these simple ways:

  • Go to call settings in phone  and Divert Calls to +9117010 

  •  Dial **62*+9117010#  from ur mobile

For deactivating bsnl free miss call alert

               Go to ur mobile settings  and u can see ur calls are diverted to 9117010  when you are out of coverage or switched off.

These ways can be use all over India.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

How to register Bsnl Broadband Complaints

Sometime we may be fed up with the slow or discontinuity in BSNL Broadband connection. May be local staff of BSNL is not able to solve your problem or he is not taking it seriously. Now you can complain about it very easily as Bsnl has introduced compliant booking all over India either through website, or through bsnl customer care.

1st method: Call1504 through land line (from BSNL number)/18003451504 (from other operators).

2nd method: through website:-  

# Open bsnl complaint portal :
# Under "Complaint Booking For Booking Dockets" click "Landline/broadband"
# select your will be redirect to BSNL customer portal
# Click on new registration
#Register using your Customer Id you will get this from your bsnl bill
# Give your broadband BB User Id (it is user id which is configured with your modem.The same    given at the time of broadband connection)
Sign in with your user id and pswd follow the procedures your compliant will get registered.
3rd method:
# Go to
#Register and place the complaint 
Hope it will help you lodge a complaint online very easily. 

Friday, 4 January 2013

What are BSNL Customer Care Numbers for Landline, Broadband & Mobile Services

Do you need BSNL Customer Care Numbers  for Landline, Broadband & Mobile Services ???
You can dial or call following 24X7 toll free numbers for Customer Care new Call Center Services:
  • 1800-425-1957 from any operator for "MPLS & Other Data Services"
  • 1503 (from BSNL number/18001801503 (from other operators) for "Mobile"
  • 1504 (from BSNL number)/18003451504 (from other operators) for "Broadband" 
  • 1500 (from BSNL number)/18003451500 (from other operators) for "Landline"
  • 1502 (from BSNL number)/18001801502 (from other operators) for "CDMA"
  • 1505 (from BSNL number)/18003451505 (from other operators) for "Blackberry Services"
Hope this post will help you. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to setup BSNL Broadband connection

i hope you have learnt well in the previous post about setting first time BSNL BROADBAND CONNECTION at  how to setup bsnl broadband connection first time
if you still have any difficulty to do the same, you can watch this video, to learn better: